Biology Environmental Science

Climate Change (Global Warming)

In this article we will discuss Climate Change (Global Warming)

In the late 1900’s researchers realized that the world may be getting warmer. The last two decades of the 1900’s witnessed some warm and cool years. However, not enough evidences were available to support the theory of global warming. But this a well-known fact that accumulation of several green house gases can lead to a rise in temperature (global warming). If a global warming phenomenon sets in this would result in major changes in world’s climate. The increase in temperature might lead melting of snow on poles, which would terrifically add, to ocean waters. Hence the level of seas, and oceans would rise, this would largely affect the coastal areas. These would submerge under coastal Waters due to expansion of seas and oceans. Besides the Temperate climate pattern would shift northward
and present temperate regions would become hot & dry.


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