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Climate Change (Extreme Weather Events-3)

In this article we will discuss Climate Change (Extreme Weather Events-3)

First, although India does not currently have any obligations under the Convention to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. It is important for us to develop a clear understanding of our emission inventory. We also need to document and analyze our efforts in areas such as renewable energy, wasteland development and a forestation – all of which contribute
towards either reducing CO2 emissions or increasing CO2 removal from the atmosphere. Considering that these efforts may often be undertaken for a variety of reasons not directly related to global warming, but yet has benefits as far as climate change is concerned, we may be able to leverage such efforts in the international context. The Research community could contribute substantially in this regard. We need to significantly improve our ability to plan and adapt to extreme events such as floods, droughts, cyclones and other meteorological
hazards. Any robustness that we build into the system in this regard will always stand us in good stead no matter what climate change actually transpires.


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