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Climate Change (Global Warming-2)

In this article we will discuss Climate Change (Global Warming-2)

The Greenhouse Effect is a natural phenomenon that plays a central role, in determining the earth’s climate. The hot surface of the sun radiates heat and light energy. Several gases in the atmosphere are transparent to light but absorb infrared radiation. These allow sunlight
to pass through the atmosphere and be absorbed by the earth’s surface. This energy ,is again radiated as heat energy, which is absorbed by the gases. As the effect is similar in nature to what happens in a’ botanical greenhouse (the glass panes allows the light energy to enter inside but diminishes the loss of heat), these gases are called greenhouse gases and the resultant warming from their increase is called the greenhouse effect. Anthropogenic activities add to the phenomenon accelerating greenhouse gas building process. Global increase
of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere viz., carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane and chlorofluorocarbons are now well documented. In addition to all these changes, troposphere and stratospheric chemistry are being modified due to the addition of these gases as well as emission of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and other compound. The United State Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation in 1989 have documented the increase of the different green house gases


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