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Rain Water Harvesting (2)

In this article we will discuss Rain Water Harvesting (2)

India’s water potential is substantial but the scarcity is felt everywhere even for drinking. This is because the country’s water policy and management is not very specific and implementation is poor. Total rain in the country is about 400 M hm (million hectare meters). The runoff in the rivers is estimated at 186 M ha. Further the utilizable groundwater is calculated as 40 M hm. However, the utilizable quantity is about 110-115 M hm (70 M hm from surface and 40 M hm from groundwater). To meet the relentless increase in

demand for water for various purposes and to achieve the goal of optimal use and to get the maximum benefits, it is necessary to make water resource development holistic through a
comprehensive integrated river basin planning and management. This can be done only if a wide range of disciplines are involved. Wastage of water due to leakage in pipes and unattended repairs results in about 30-40 per cent water resource lost.


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