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Rain Water Harvesting (3)

In this article we will discuss Rain Water Harvesting (3)

The landscape watershed units can be effectively subdivided into discrete hydrological units. Since the watersheds are spatially laid from ridge to valley, they most efficiently conserve land and water resources and help secure water availability throughout the growing season. The land area of the watershed drains into a common point. Hence, the drainage water can be easily stored in above -ground storage structures for recycling during droughts or for growing an additional crop. Rain fed agriculture research and development has been
dominated by the concept of high yields for decades. It arose from the scientific principles developed for the ‘green revolution’ high input, high-output technologies. Fatigue and cracks
are now developing in the green revolution areas. For rain fed agriculture, an area-based development through watershed management provides an excellent framework for sustaining
semi-arid tropical ecologies. Also the landscape watershed units focus on the maintenance of managed biodiversity through diversified cropping systems. It is significant to note that a broad range of baseline information on watershed-based soil and water conservation technologies already exists. A study commissioned by the National Institute of Agricultural
Extension Management, Hyderabad, showed that if the watershed technology is to succeed it must be specific to natural endowments of the location; it must be built on indigenous knowledge; it should be based on people’s participation; it must be equitable in sharing of costs and benefits, and village-based institutions must be put-in-place right from inception
of the project.


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