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Importance of Environment

In this article we will discuss Importance of Environment

Importance of Environment

Vegetative plants and trees are called autotrophy because they can produce their own food through the process of Photosynthesis, this category is primary productive unit and their entire living organism depends on the vegetation for acquiring food. Photographs like insects, animals, birds and all human beings cannot produce their own food. Some microorganisms like bacteria, fungus, microbes, etc., derive food from dead plants and animals.

Thus, all the living organisms are interdependent for their survival. Human being is always adjusting to the ever-changing environment and in the past he has never attempted to alter it. But after twentieth century there has been a tremendous increase in physical wants and desires. Fast development in every sphere of life has undergone with the ever-increasing wants and demands for food products. Ever increasing pressure on land has caused forestland to be utilized for cultivation.

There is all-round development and progress in the field of science and industries, new technology is being introduced and I variety of products are now being produced. As a result
environmental pollution has increased. New technology has provided us goods to make our lives happier, more comfortable and luxurious, pollution hazards and its ill effect are being observed in every sphere of life. There is general reduction in physical power and energy, also deterioration of health standards. Development and destruction are co-related and give rise to many problems due to environmental pollution, water pollution, air pollution, destruction of forests, disappearing wild life, radiation effect, on living organisms.
Man is acquiring essential resources from the nature itself. Hence, it is essential to protect and preserve the natural resources. Natural disaster and destruction have increased the temperature on the earth is steadily rising. Certain drastic steps are needed in order to save our planet.

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