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Urban Problems Related to Energy

In this article we will discuss Urban Problems Related to Energy

Urban Problems Related to Energy

Big cities and towns have always influenced education, religion, commerce,
communication and politics, which have in turn influenced culture and society in various proportions. Initially only a very limited section of the society lived in cities and towns while the chief occupation of major population had been fishing, hunting, agriculture and cattle rearing. However’ Industrial Revolution lead to expansion of cities and town both in size and power. In developing nations, especially a large segment of society from villages moved to cities for occupational support (occupational migration). This exactly was the cause of rapid expansion of cities’ and formation of metropolitans like Delhi, Bombay, Chennai, Bangalore, Calcutta and others. This ultimately brought into picture the concept of urbanization and industrializations, which provided many benefits to society, especially to the rich, but also introduced some evils in it. Here evils referred to were the increasing demand on energy resources; whose consumption in turn lead to multitude problems of pollution, resource shortage, diseases and waste disposal.


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