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Environment and Human Health

In this article we will discuss Environment and Human Health

Environment and Human Health

Webster Collegiate Dictionary defines health as “the state of being hale and sound in
body mind or soul especially from physical disease or pain. The concept of health incorporates physical state free from diseases, social and mental caliber of a human being. Community refers to a group of persons living at one place that shares and have social contact. A healthy man is an asset to the country, but a sick man is a burden. Community health services provide medical treatment of various diseases, controls the spread of communicable diseases, control of pests and insects, social welfare health service, maternity and child welfare services, school medical services, hospital, research institutions etc. Lack of nutrition, clothing and improper housing, etc. spread many communicable diseases. Maternal and infant mortality rate raises poverty also leads to child abuse, liquor and drug addiction, exploitation and crime against women, etc. Environment and health are inter-dependent. Physical environment include climate, sound and radioactive pollution sunrays and heat, air pressure, water and air directly or indirectly affect our health. A person is surrounded by biological environment where insects and many other biological microbes, which in turn spread diseases. Social and economic environment also determine the standard of health. Man’s social environment is developed
in a family and family is the basic unit of a society. Small-sized families where family
members are happy and prosperous their health will be in good condition. In large families rearing of children become a difficult task. Meeting the demands of nutritious food and health are not given priority with the result children’s personality and overall development suffers.


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