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Flood Control

In this article we will discuss Flood Control

Flood Control

1. Depth and width of the riverbed could be increased as its capacity to carry larger
loads increases manifold and thus reduce the area of the flood plain.
2. A network of canals can be established from the river systems, which generally
leads to floods. This would also benefit the agricultural economy/ section. Care must be taken in the design and construction because of the possible environmental impact and necessary safety features.
3. Reservoirs should be made for storing floodwater and releasing them at manageable rates. This would require careful engineering. Dams, and reservoirs would further lead to generation of resources.
4. Newly constructed residential as well commercial buildings should have foundations, which are strong enough to respond to flood conditions.
5. Rivers and streambeds should be stabilized with stone, masonry or vegetation at the banks. This should strictly be followed where rivers pass through cities, specially near bridges.


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