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Effects of Floods

In this article we will discuss Effects of Floods

Effects of Floods

1. Rising water, erosion and the force damages the residential and commercial building. They are dangerous for villages lying in the coastal areas as it sweeps away everything, which comes into its path. In mountainous areas it is the chief cause of landslides.
2. Fisherman, local people, cattle, animals and vegetation suffer a great loss of life and property. Most of the deaths are reported to be from drowning.
3. Fresh water supplies by all sources are nearly destroyed and contaminated hence
the areas falling under its impact bear a great risk of suffering from water borne
4. The destruction of food and fodder crops result in acute food shortage.
5. Floods also make soil infertile, as the topsoil is lost due to erosional activity.
6. Floods are also known to preserve, wetlands and recharge ground water.

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