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Fertilizers Quality Control

In this article we will discuss Fertilizers Quality Control

Fertilizers Quality Control

Quality, price and trade in fertilizers are regulated so that farmers get good quality
fertilizers at the right time and at reasonable prices. The Government has issued the Fertilizers (Control) Order, 1985, under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955. This order sampling analysis and provision for appointment of enforcement agencies for regulating the trade and distribution of fertilizers. There are 43 fertilizers Quality Control and Training Institute at Faridabad with its One Central Fertilizers Quality Control and Madras. Total analyzing capacity of these laboratories in the Country is 87,400 fertilizers samples per annum. The institute organizes training programmes for state enforcement officers, state fertilizers analysts and for foreigner’s developing countries. Besides, training courses for fertilizers dealers are also organized in collaboration with the state governments and the fertilizers industry.


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