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Bharat Aluminium Company Limited

In this article we will discuss Bharat Aluminium Company Limited

Bharat Aluminium Company Limited

Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO), the first unit in Public sector for production of Aluminium, was incorporated in November, 1965, for setting up an integrated Alumina/aluminium Complex at Korba in Bilaspur District of Madhya Pradesh based on Bauxite Deposits in Amarkantak/Phutka-pahar Area. The plant has an installed capacity of two lakh tonnes per annum and was commissioned in 1973. The smelter was commissioned in phase, corresponding to availability of electric power from Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board. The final phase was commissioned in September, 1984, which brought the installed capacity of one lakh per annum. A 270 mW captive thermal power station was commissioned in 1987-88 for facilitating operations of Korba complex by reducing dependence on Madhya Pradesh Power Supply Board. Amarkantak and Phutka-Pahar Bauxite Deposits are nearing the end of economic working life. Till suitable alternative captive source for steady supply for bauxite are established, arrangements are being made to obtain Bauxite from Panchpatmali Mine NALCO and some private mine operators in Madhya Pradesh.


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