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Need of Modern Methods in Environmental Science

In this article we will discuss Need of Modern Methods in Environmental Science

Need of Modern Methods in Environmental Science

1. There are many roads to successful learning to be tried for meeting particular
needs and situations. To make the subject interesting, vital and living the teacher
should also use permutations and combinations of methods, devices, and techniques for example to lend color to class teaching. He may use lecture or discussion method or a combination of these two. The teacher should be conversant with a variety of
methods of Environmental Science.

2. Different lessons or units should be taught by different methods of teaching. It can
be very monotonous to use the same methods for every circumstance. In the past few decades a tremendous increase in equipment materials, means and teaching procedures has been witnessed. These should be utilized to provide variety and color to teaching Environmental Science. To create and maintain their interest and avoid monotony children should be exposed to varied experiences.

3. No single method can be the best for all situations, and for all teachers and pupils.
The suitable method should emerge out of the abundance of information and skill of the teacher. It should be harmonized with the content to be taught. Every teacher of Environmental Science should be familiar with the different means for reckoning the desired ends.


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