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Tehri Dam Project

In this article we will discuss Tehri Dam Project

Tehri Dam

Tehri Dam is on the Bhagirathi river in U.P. at the foothhills aof Himalayas; it is
Soviet-financed and challenged in the Supreme Court. It is feared that it will displace over 85,000 people. It will totally immerse the Tehri town and completely or partly submerge nearly 100 villages. The site is prone to intense seismic activity. It is also held the 3,200 million ton of water that the Dam would impound could cause a major earth tremor. In case a disaster takes place the entire religious townships of Deoprayag, Hardwar and Rishikesh would be devastated. Thousand of hectares of rich, agricultural land will be drowned. The fear is not imaginary. In July/August 2004 the midable position took place.


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