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Sardar Sarovar Project

In this article we will discuss Sardar Sarovar Project

Sardar Sarovar Project

Project near Navagam in Bharuch district of Gujarat is one of the costliest projects
project affecting village in three states- M.P. Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is estimated that nearly 245 villagers will be submerged, of which about 193 in M.P. alone. As such, over 75,000 (nearly 50,000 in M.P. alone) people will be evicted.

Besides, additional displacement is likely to be caused during social and environmental
rehabilitation work undertaken to repair the dislocation and damages caused by the project.

Likewise, compensatory afforestation and setting of wildlife sanctuary will displace other villagers in the area. It is officially admitted that nearly 43,000 ha of land will be needed for rehabilitation of SS outees.


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