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Ecological Dominance (1)

In this article we will discuss Ecological Dominance (1)

Although all members of a biotic community have a role to play in the life of a community, it is obvious that certain plants or animals exert
more of an effect on the ecosystem as a whole than do others. Those organisms, which exert a major role in having controlling influence on the community, are called” Ecological Dominants.” Such dominants comprise those keystone species, which largely control the flow of energy through the community, if they were to be removed from the community, much greater change in the ecosystem
would result than if a non-dominant species were to be removed. Example: If farmers chop down dominant forest trees for cultivation,
the changes produced by the removal are:
• Loss of animal species, which depend on the trees for food and shelter
• Loss of shade loving plant
• Change in soil micro biota
• Raising of soil temperature
• Increase in soil erosion


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