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Climate Change (Acid Rain-6)

In this article we will discuss Climate Change (Acid Rain-6)


Reaction with Sulphur
S + O2 = SO2
2SO2 + O2 = 2SO3
Reaction with Nitrogen
NO + O3 = NO2 + O2
NO3 + NO2 = N2O5
When air is saturated with water droplets (humid conditions), N2O5 invariably reacts with water vapors to form droplets of HNO3

N2O5 + H2O = 2HNO3
Besides some HNO2 is also formed
N2O3 + H2O = 2HNO2
SO3 in humid conditions forms droplets of H2SO4.
SO2 + 1/202O2 + H2O=H2SO4
HNO3 and H2SO4 thus formed combine with HCl to generate precipitation, which is commonly referred to as acid rain.


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