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Resettlement and Rehabilitation of People (3)

In this article we will discuss Resettlement and Rehabilitation of People (3)

People who could previously barely manage to survive in their traditional environment are uprooted as a result. The objectives of rehabilitation should be:
1. The people displaced should get an appropriate share in the fruits of development.
2. Creating new settlements with their own environment should rehabilitate them.
3. Removal of poverty should also be an objective of the rehabilitation policy and
therefore some land to all.
4. Oustees (even the landless) should be given assurance of employment.
5. While dealing with tribal one should also keep in mind the following five principles
of tribal-development accepted during Jawaharlal Nehru’s era as ‘tribal panchsheel.’
6. Tribal should develop along the lines of their own genius and we should avoid
imposing anything on them.
7. We should try to encourage their own traditional arts and culture in every way.
8. Resettlement should be in the neighborhood of their own environment. If
resettlement is not possible in the command area, top priority should be given to
the development of irrigation facilities and supply of basic inputs for agriculture;
drinking water, wells, grazing grounds for cattle schools for the children, primary
health care units and other amenities should be arranged.
9. In partly affected village, villagers should be given the option of shifting out with
others with the same compensation as available to evacuees.
10. Training facilities should be set up to upgrade the skills of affected people and
reservation in jobs should be made for the willing adults among the evacuees.
11. Special attention should be given to the rehabilitation of artisans and village crafts
12. Villagers should be taken into confidence at every stage or implementation and
they should be educated, through open meetings and discussion about the legalities
of the Land Acquisition Act and other rehabilitation provisions.
13. The aid of voluntary agencies planning and implementation programme


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