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Resettlement and Rehabilitation of People (1)

In this article we will discuss Resettlement and Rehabilitation of People (1)

“Land for land” is a better policy than cash settlement. Even in implementing this
policy, the land is not given in the command area in most cases, forestland is either cleared on waste fallow land given without any provision for developing the land or for the supply of necessary inputs; a village is broken up and families dispersed; villagers are usually left
to buy private land, take loans from the government, which puts poor villagers at a disadvantage- land prices in neighboring villages shoot up steeply if the government takes up resettlement; the villagers are resettled in distant places, sometimes in a totally alien environment and culture, thus creating insurmountable adjustment problems. Oustees from Pong dam in Himachal Pradesh were settled in Anupgarh in Rajasthan, bordering on Pakistan. The people were generally left to fend for themselves. Arrangements for drinking water, dispensaries, schools, village roads or drainage of the rehabilitation sites are only completed
years later.


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