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Sanctuary (2)

In this article we will discuss Sanctuary (2)

In India sanctuary is usually created by an order or gazette notification of State
government. So the weakness of a sanctuary is that it can be desanctuarized merely by another order or gazette notification of a State government because it is not safeguarded by any proper legislation. The idea behind a wild life sanctuary and a national park is same,
i.e., maximum protection, preservation and conservation of wild animals. But the fundamental difference between the two is that a sanctuary is created by order of a competent authority, who may be the chief conservator of forest: or minister of a State, while a national park can be harmed, abolished or changed only by the legislation of a State. There are, title status
and degree of permanency and protection is much higher in a national park than in a
sanctuary. In a wild life sanctuary private ownership rights may continue and forestry usages also may continue so long as wild life conservation is not adversely affected. However, in a national park all private ownership rights are extinguished and all forestry and other usages are prohibited. Every national park should have the minimum requisites of fauna,
flora and scenery etc. There should be sufficient means of management and protection in a sanctuary to be upgraded as national park.


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