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Misra’s Report

In this article we will discuss Misra’s Report

Misra’s Report

Misra (1991) recognized four basic principles of ecology, as under:
(i) Holism
(ii) Ecosystem
(iii) Succession
(iv) Conversation.
Holism has been considered as the real base of ecology. In hierarchical levels at which
interacting units of ecology are discussed, are as under:
Misra (1991) has recognised four basic requirements of environmental management as
(i) Impact of human activities on the environment,
(ii) Value system,
(iii) Plan and design for sustainable development,
(iv) Environment education.
Keeping in view the of goal of planning for environmentally sustainable development
India contributed to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development
(UNCED), also referred to as “Earth Summit” held at Rio de Janciro, the Capital of Brazil,
3rd-14th June, 1992.


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