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Proper Management of Drinking Water

In this article we will discuss Proper Management of Drinking Water

Proper Management of Drinking Water

This Resource (water) is renewable. However, it is subject to abuse and misuse. Infact, most of our water problems, are not those of quantity or even necessarily of quality, but are rather caused by our way of thinking and attitudes. If man learns to live with man on a cooperative basis, the water problem, like many other ecological problems, could be solved.

The replenishable ground water resources in India are sufficient to provide assured irrigation to 40 million hectares. The present level of development is estimated at 25 million hectares, i.e. about 40 per cent of the total irrigation potential created in the country. Drinking water becomes more significant in a developing country because it serves as a source of micronutrients that are so essential for good health. Deficiency or excess of the essential trace elements can cause disorders. Drinking water is an important source of intake of trace elements.


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