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Agents of Soil Erosion (Water Erosion)

In this article we will discuss Agents of Soil Erosion (Water Erosion)

Water Erosion

Water removes the soil by falling on as rain drops, a well as by its surface flow action,
It may be of three types:

(i) Sheet erosion
Here the removed soil is like a thin covering from large area. This sheet is more or less

(ii) Rill erosion
If sheet erosion occurs with full force, the run off water moves rapidly over the soil
surface. It cuts well-defined finger-shaped groove like structures, It appears as thin channels or streams. These are known as rill erosions.

(iii) Gully erosion
This results due to the convergence of several rills or thin channels formed during rill erosion towards the steep slope. When they join together, they form wider channels of water, known as gullies. In case of further rains these gullies may become still wider and deeper.


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