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C.F.C. (1980)

In this article we will discuss C.F.C. (1980)

C.F.C. (1980)

According to Central Forestry Commission (CEF) (1980) in India the forest cover was
around 74.8 Mha. It was 22.7% of the total land mass. A detailed study of forests carried out by CEF reveals the position of forests in India as under:

(a) The tropical dry deciduous (38.7%).
(b) The tropical moist deciduous (30.9%) type.
(c) The tropical thorn 6.9%
(d) The tropical dry evergreen 0.1%
(e) The pure coniferous (high mountainous area) 6.3%
(f) The sal forest 16%
(g) The teak forest 13%
(h) The broad-leaved excluding Sal and Teak 55.8%
(i) The Bamboos including in plantations 8.8%


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