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Improvement in Agriculture (Horticulture)

In this article we will discuss Improvement in Agriculture (Horticulture)

Improvement in Agriculture (Horticulture)

The scientific cultivation of Horticultural Crops and Plantation Crops has helped to
increase both production and productivity. In fruits, a production level of 265 lakh tones has been reached largely due to superior vegetatively propahated planning material, regular bearing Hybrids of Mango, high-yielding varieties of Grapes, Papaya, Pomegranate, banana, Ber, Aonal, Lime and Kinnow Mandarin, etc better crop production technology and Pest and disease control measures.

The vegetable Production has reached 495.3 lakh tones from an area of 45-lakh hectare
due to 106 improved high-yielding varieties including F1 hybrids in 17 vegetable crops
evolved so far. A few of these tare resistant to diseases and pets. Similarly, the Potato
Production has reached 140 lakh tones as a result of 14 newly evolved disease resistant
varieties growing in different parts of the country, use of Virus Free Seeds being produced through advanced techniques and improved production technologies. Introduction of ‘True Potato Seeds’ has been done successfully to reduce the over-all cost of Potato Production.

Release of 18 improved high-yielding varieties in six other Tuber Crops like Cassava, Sweet Potato, Yam etc. have improved prospects of higher production of these crops for food and industrial purpose.


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