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Water Resources Day

In this article we will discuss Water Resources Day

Water Resources Day

The Water Resources Day is organized all over the Country since 1986 in April in order to make the people more conscious about problems associated with the management of water, a limited precious resource. As a result of the increasing encouraging response from
the Central/state Government and other voluntary agencies concerned, the Water Resources Day was orgainsed at about 503 centres of the country during 1990. The theme for National Debate was “Water for future.” The Water Resources Day was celebrated at 800 places all over the country during April-May 1991 by mobilizing the support of various state governments and other Agencies including Local Offices. In view of the over-all increasing demand for water linked with the increasing population pressure, the Theme for the forthcoming Water Resources Day was selected as “Water Conservation.”

Note: Courtesy Research and References Division Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Govt. of India.

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