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Process of Decomposition

In this article we will discuss Process of Decomposition

Process of Decomposition

The process of decomposition involves three interrelated components, viz.
(i) Leaching (ii) Catabolism, (iii) Comminution.
1. Leaching
Leaching is a physical phenomenon operating soon-after litter fall. Soluble matter is
removed from detritus by the action of water. Sometime over 20% of the total nitrogen
content of litter maybe leached off.
2. Catabolism
The process in a plant or animal by which living tissue is changed into waste products.
3. Comminution
Comminution to make small to reduce to power or minute particles. Comminution
means the reduction in particle size of detritus. During the course of feeding, the decomposer animals community detritus physically. And utilize the energy and nutrients for their own growth (secondary production). In due course, the decomposers themselves die and contribute to the detritus.


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