Biology Environmental Science


In this article we will discuss Ventilation


Ideal ventilation is possible only when there is sufficient pure air. Ventilation is defined
as the “Science of maintaining atmospheric conditions which are comfortable and suitable to the human body.” Ventilation incorporates comfortable and appropriate balance of gases, also optimum temperature adequate humidity, movement or flow of air and free from disease producing microorganisms.

(a) Internal Ventilation
Proper ventilation of the rooms is known as ‘internal ventilation. Lack of efficient and
adequate ventilation leads to many discomforts and diseases. When the carbon-dioxide concentration exceeds 0.04% and reaches 0.06% then the air in the room gets suffocating. Every person needs 3000 cu feet of air every hour and if the impurities in the air exceed 0.02%, the air is regarded as impure and unhealthy.

(b) External Ventilation
Fresh air flows into the house from the surroundings and open space. This type of
ventilation is known as external ventilation. This is ensured by making the streets wide and straight, providing open space, parks and gardens.


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