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Noise Pollution

In this article we will discuss Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution

Noise can be defined as unwanted/unpleasant sound. So noise pollution is unwanted sound dumped into the atmosphere without regard to the adverse effects it may have. In our country urbanization and industrialization have become twin problems. Cities and towns have sprouted up where industries are concentrated. Lack of town’ planning had led to residential, commercial and industrial areas being mixed up. Houses, schools and hospitals are situated near industries. All the boons of industrialization and civilization such as motors, horns, heavy and light machinery, work and movement, blaring radios, supersonic aeroplanes have become disturbing and irritant. Our ears can hear ordinary conversation between 30-60 decibels. Modern conversation has a noise value of 60 decibels. A decibel value greater than 80 decibels causes noise pollution. Noise becomes troublesome above 140 decibels.


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