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Damodar River Valley Project

In this article we will discuss Damodar River Valley Project

Damodar River Valley Project

Damodar River Valley Project serves several objectives. This huge dam is, in fact, a
series of small dams built on a river and its tributaries, serves as man-made lake that is
now able to impound huge amount of rain water. In this way, it helps in flood control and
soil protection. This water is used for irrigation during dry periods. Since catchments areas
of dam are afforested, there is available additional wild land that helps to preserve ecosytems.

The water stored here is used for power generation i.e. hydle power or hydro-electricity.

These projects also provide for inland water navigation, cheapest means of transport for
heavy goods. They are also used to develop fish hatcheries and nurseries.

Damodar Valley Project consists of series of small dams of the tributaries of Damodar,
flowing from Chotanagpur in South Bihar to West Bengal. The hydle power has been
integrated in a common grid.


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