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Adverse Effects of Fertilizers

In this article we will discuss Adverse Effects of Fertilizers

Adverse Effects of Fertilizers

Some adverse effects of fertilizers used are as under:
(1) Changes in mobility status of nutrients in soils.
(2) Deterioratory of water resources caused by eutrophication.
(3) Stimulation of weed growth in crop fields.
(4) Disturbance in the ionic balance and equilibrium in soils, often leading to high
acidity, nutritional imbalance, shortages of certain trace elements, and molybdenum
or selenium toxicity.
(5) The Excessive applications of nitrogenous fertilizers to soils can lead to its
accumulation to such a stage that the plants begin to absorb excess amounts and
even then some of the excess amounts present in the soil get leaked off through the
soil into groundwater or into streams and springs.


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