Biology Environmental Science

Ecosystem and Biome

In this article we will discuss Ecosystem and Biome


• Ecosystem = the biotic, or living,
community and its abiotic, or nonliving,
• Ecosystems vary greatly in size and
• The plants and animals of an ecosystem are
determined by the abiotic factors

Example of an Ecosystem

• All the living and nonliving factors inside a
The water in the pond
The algae and plants that grow in the water
The animals and bacteria that live in the water
The dirt and rocks on the bottom
The sunlight on the water


• Biome = a geographic region that has
separate but similar ecosystems
characterized by a distinct climate
• Climate of a location determines which
types of organisms are able to live there
• The major biomes on Earth include:
tropical rainforest, temperate rainforest,
desert, grassland, deciduous forest,
coniferous forest, tundra, estuary, savanna,
and taiga.


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