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Types of Environment

In this article we will discuss Various Types of Environment

Types of Environment

According to Kurt Lewin, environment is of three types which influence the personality
of an individual as under:
(a) Physical Environment,
(b) Social and Cultural Environment, and
(c) Psychological Environment.
These may be explained as under:

1. Physical Environment
Physical environment, refers to geographical climate and weather or physical conditions
wherein and individual lives. The human races are greatly influenced by the climate. Some
examples are as under:
(a) In the cold countries i.e. European countries the people are of white colour. Likewise, in Asian and African countries, that is, in hot countries people are of dark complexion.
(b) The physique of an individual depends on climate conditions as the individual tries
to adjust in his physical environment.
(d) The human working efficiency also depends on the climatic conditions.

2. Social Environment
Social Environment includes an individual’s social, economic and political condition
wherein he lives. The moral, cultural and emotional forces influence the life and nature of individual behaviour. Society may be classified into two categories as under:
(i) An open society is very conductive for the individual developement.
(ii) A closed society is not very conductive for the developenment.

3. Psychological Environment
Although physical and social environment are common to the individual in a specific
situation. Yet every individual has his own psychological environment, in which he lives.
Kurt Lewin has used the term ‘life space’ for explaining psychological environment. The
Psychological environment enables us to understand the personality of an individual. Both-the person and his goal form psychological environment.
If a person is unable to overcome the barriers, he can either get frustrated or completed
to change his goal for a new psychological environment. But adopting this mechanism, the individual is helped in his adjustment to the environment.


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