Biological Classification Biology Class 11th Kingdom Monera

Kingdom Monera

In this article we will discuss Kingdom Monera

In this article, we will discuss Kingdom Monera. So, let’s get started.

Kingdom Monera

Bacteria are the sole members of the Kingdom Monera. They are the most
abundant micro-organisms. Bacteria occur almost everywhere. Hundreds
of bacteria are present in a handful of soil. They also live in extreme habitats
such as hot springs, deserts, snow and deep oceans where very few other
life forms can survive. Many of them live in or on other organisms as parasites.
Bacteria are grouped under four categories based on their shape: the spherical Coccus (pl. cocci), the rod-shaped Bacillus (pl. bacilli), the comma-shaped Vibrium (pl. vibrio) and the spiral Spirillum (pl. spirilla). Though the bacterial structure is very simple, they are very complex in behaviour. Compared to many other organisms, bacteria as a group show the most extensive metabolic diversity. Some of the bacteria are autotrophic, i.e., they synthesise their own food from inorganic substrates. They may be photosynthetic autotrophic or chemosynthetic autotrophic. The vast majority of bacteria are heterotrophs, i.e., they depend on other organisms or on dead organic matter for food.


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